• The Hawthorne Story.

Hawthorne Residential Partners was founded by Ed Harrington, Shoff Allison, and Samantha Davenport. All have been friends and co-workers for years and share the same principles, desire, and entrepreneurial drive that have shaped the trio of services offered: property management, acquisitions, and development. Phil Payonk joined Hawthorne as Chief Investment Officer and Principal in 2010. The team of original owners has known Phil for many years and worked with Phil while he was in the lender servicing industry. Today, Hawthorne's portfolio consists of more than 30,000 units. Hawthorne's rapid growth since the company's inception in early 2009 can be attributed to the strong network of friends and business associates developed
over many years.

Hawthorne's President, Samantha Davenport, states, ""The passion and commitment to exceed our residents, employees, and clients expectations is exuded throughout our company."" The company's motto is ""Live The Difference."" The ""Live It"" commitment is evident throughout the company's culture. ""Live It"" represents the company's commitment to superior customer service to our residents, teammates, and clients.


We are dedicated to providing the finest customer service experience for each of our residents by diligently selecting the very best people to manage each property. Our employees understand if they serve our residents well, their own success will follow.


We provide a culture of open participation, sincere encouragement, and recognition of efforts that produces desired results. We consider our employees to be partners and are committed to their development.


We are committed to providing exceptional management services to our clients, focusing on the creation of long-term value and maximizing returns. We accomplish these results by managing with a daily hands-on approach and relentless attention to detail.