Hawthorne’s Story

  |     |   2013


Telling your own story, and listen to the story of others.

ASK:What is your story?”


From “25 Ways To Win With People” by John Maxwell;
as seen in a “Live It Tip of the Week” by Samantha Davenport
What is your story? It’s a small but powerful question.


I have always loved hearing about other people’s journeys – where they came from, what they do and what they love. Our past shapes our present and our present propels our future. So, when I read Samantha Davenport’s recent Live It Tip of the Week, it got me thinking…what is Hawthorne’s story? I turned to Sam, President and Principal of Hawthorne, to hear how Hawthorne was born.


How did the name Hawthorne come about? When Ed and Sam were pondering names for their multifamily company with their third partner, Shoff Allison, they decided to form a sister company to Shoff’s retail company, Hawthorne Retail Partners. The two companies would maintain separate ownership structures but be named under the Hawthorne Companies. Hawthorne coming from an area in Charlotte in which Shoff lived.


The adorable Hawthorne dog mascot – how was he born? When Sam and Ed first started working with a website design group to build the company’s first website, the group included, in one of the many mock-ups, a cute little Scottish Terrier. Being dog lovers and both having small dogs, Sam and Ed decided that this adorable dog would become Hawthorne’s mascot. You can continue to spot Hawthorne popping up in many different ways – on-site, on the internet, and even doing a little Harlem Shake here and there…


How did Sam become our fearless leader? Like most of us in the property management industry, she says, “I stumbled into the business…”. Living in Nashville, TN, Sam was encouraged by a friend in the industry to apply for an open Leasing Consultant position at her apartment community. After applying and being offered a position, she quickly moved up the ranks.


After two years leasing and a relocation to Chattanooga, Sam applied for a Community Manager position and was accepted! Going straight from Leasing to Community Manager, Sam continued to shine and was promoted to Regional Manager after three years, Regional Vice President after five years, and Chief Operating Officer after only four years, and spent three years serving as COO.


Finally, Hawthorne was born! Sam and Ed founded the company in March 2009, and we’ve been growing ever since!


On Hawthorne’s 4th Anniversary, it’s great to reflect on Hawthorne’s story and more importantly, the stories of the people of Hawthorne. You will see more Hawthorne profiles as our blog continues so stay tuned. And, the next person you meet, don’t forget to ask…what’s your story?


Living It and loving it! – Kayla

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