Let’s Stay Home – We have a winner!

  |     |   2018

From at-home fitness, baking, crafting and more, Hawthorne finds our communities home to so many unique and talented residents. This year, Hawthorne invited each of our residents to share their unique way of “Staying Home” in their community during the Let’s Stay Home Contest. Throughout the duration of this contest, we heard stories of unique skills, talents, and passions. However, we also discovered the stories of the families, friends, and their life experiences created inside the four walls of each apartment home. Over 260 residents submitted their story to the contest, and each one was full of the amazing personalities and life’s moments that occupy our Hawthorne communities. What a truly amazing window into the world of the incredible people that we have the pleasure of serving each day!

We were thrilled to have recently announced a winner of the Let’s Stay Home Contest! Matt, a resident of Hawthorne at the District, shared with us his passion for mixology and creating memories while serving beverages to his friends and family at his apartment. Check out his story below!

"I'm a mixologist on the side and love making cocktails for my guests. When I first moved into my apartment, I immediately noticed the bookshelf built into the wall. At first, I tried to use it for its intended purpose, but I have too many items for it. And then I noticed the bottom space was just the right size for the new mini-fridge I purchased to hold my mixers. Sure enough, it fit perfectly. And my new home bar practically made itself after that."


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