How To Guide on Hosting Holidays at Your Hawthorne Apartment

  |     |   2019

Don’t let living in an apartment stop you from hosting your family and friends for the holidays, instead, let it inspire you to be creative and innovative with how you use your space and time

First thing’s first- decorations

How do you decorate your apartment and have the space to store it all once the season is over? 

One of the easiest ways to decorate is with seasonal throw pillows, but you don’t have to purchase a new bulky pillow for every season, instead, find seasonal pillow covers that you can use and then fold away when you’re done. This takes up almost no space but decorates your home in a festive way. 

Make use of picture frames that you keep all year round but replace the actual photograph with different seasonal pictures of family and friends. Channel your inner artist and have one wreath base that you keep on your door all year long but decorate it with a different color ribbon and accents. 

Look for versatility when you purchase decorations, if you can use a plain red placemat for Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July and Christmas then choose that one over a placemat you can only use once a year. 

One of the perks to living at a Hawthorne community is that in many of our communities, you have the option to rent an interior storage closet where you can keep your fake Christmas tree, boxes of priceless ornaments or larger decorations you just can’t do without. 

Second, the ambiance you desire

Scents can bring a welcomed warmth inside your home, whether you accomplish this with candles or putting a home-made apple pie in the oven, these are surefire ways to create a homey atmosphere during the holidays. 

While the apple pie is baking, switch on the fireplace and snuggle close to your special someone or your favorite four-legged friend. The fireplaces inside select Hawthorne apartments provide an ambiance and glow that invite the holiday season into your home. Whether you’re looking for a romantic atmosphere or a cozy night in with your friends, you can find it inside your Hawthorne home. 

Third, the food preparation and storage 

You have one oven, four stove top burners and one refrigerator, how will you cook and store food for all of your family and friends? Thankfully, each Hawthorne kitchen comes equipped with several outlets scattered through various parts of the kitchen and this opens up the option for more appliances.

Keep your oven open for the main dish by using a crockpot to cook side dishes, this will keep the food warm all day and also, you won’t have to think about it after you put in all of the ingredients. That’s a win-win. 

Need to cook your chicken quickly for the cheesy chicken casserole you’re making? Throw the chicken in the Instant Pot for a few minutes and you’ll be good to go! Don’t stop there, use your Instant Pot for quick cooking but also as a place to keep your food warm until it’s ready to be used.

The deep sinks and wide counter space in Hawthorne kitchens make it easier than ever to clean, prepare, cook and serve your meals as family and friends gather around the table. 

Finally, your people

Where oh where do you put all your nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends that traveled in from out of town?

Never underestimate the power of moving your furniture around, especially if it’s only temporary. If you can move your couch over a few feet to make room for an extra chair that you keep in your bedroom—do it.

If you need more seats for people to sit while they eat, don’t neglect your bar seating, and keep in mind, living room coffee tables make great makeshift dinner tables. If that’s not enough, TV dinner trays can save the day

Sleeping arrangements can be a little more complicated, but luckily for you, the in-laws don’t have to take your kid’s bedroom or yours. Many Hawthorne properties have guest suites that you can rent out and are perfect for out-of-town guests. These fully furnished apartments are only minutes away—giving you and your guests privacy that you wouldn’t get if they slept on your couch. 

Home at Hawthorne for the Holidays

There are a number of different ways to not just survive the holiday season but to thrive at Hawthorne. Whether you’re hosting twenty people or two people, there are ways to make your space festive, keep the food hot and and give everyone a place to relax. 

It’s how we LIVE IT! that makes the difference. 

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