How Hawthorne Cultivates Wellness Year-Round

  |     |   2020

This time of year it’s easy to stay caught up in the New Year’s resolutions of eating healthy, losing weight, hitting the gym daily and the overall notion of “new year, new me.” But, as we all know, these intentions are often met with empty results.

We work hard and succeed for the first few weeks, but then life happens. We readjust to our chaotic schedules and realize that the high standards and pressures we put on ourselves are actually unrealistic and cause more harm than good. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some people set boundaries, have attainable goals and are able to achieve their resolutions. However, I think we can all agree that the majority of us have fallen prey to the fads and then fallen flat on our faces more times than we’d like to admit. 

What if we didn’t set these aspirations as resolutions necessarily, but rather as a lifestyle change—especially when it comes to healthy living. How would this change your mindset as you approached healthier living? Lifestyle changes allow room for setbacks, for people to come alongside of you and encourage you, and for you to go at your own pace.

One aspect of Hawthorne’s LIVE IT! culture is living well, and we strive to do that not only professionally, mentally and personally but also physically. It’s not a trendy thing to do in the new year, it’s part of our culture. 

The Hawthorne corporate office LIVES IT! by having weekly fruit Wednesdays, encouraging employees to participate in office yoga twice a month, offering self-defense classes and by encouraging one another toward healthier choices. These are only a handful of ways that we practice what we preach.  

Our motto is to leave people better than we found them— through community wellness events, accessible and updated fitness centers, and a corporate wide vision, we strive toward a healthier community. It’s more than us tossing you an apple on your way out the door or a New Year’s resolution, the Hawthorne team cares about your all-around well-being and LIVES IT! 365 days a year. 

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