Hey There, Neighbor

  |     |   2020

Our motto of Living The Difference is more than a tagline, it’s our culture and speaks to the core of who Hawthorne Residential Partners is. This perspective shifts our focus to the people and helps us embrace that it truly is the people who make us who we are. To LIVE IT! means to leave people better than we found them, and three ways we do this at Hawthorne Residential Partners is through kindness, community and connection.

One of the highlights of what we do is that people are always near, and this means that we can constantly Live The Difference for someone. This February and as Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re looking for ways to show neighborly love to those around us. Whether it’s a resident, co-worker, neighbor, or a prospective resident, there are ways we can do this and show the heart of who we are. 

Community events are an incredible way to show neighborly love. At these events, you meet  your neighbors, get better acquainted with your community team and you’re able to see that where you live is more than an address— it’s a home with an extended family. 

The Hawthorne community and neighbors reach far beyond our apartment homes; it reaches into the local neighborhoods as well. It’s important that our teams show neighborly love to the business down the street, the local coffee shop and the volunteer organizations in the area. By supporting local and giving back to our neighbors, we’re able to Live The Difference for others, show kindness, connect with those around us and be a positive impact for our local community.

What does it mean to show neighborly love right where you are? It means to care for someone, to share a kind word, to leave them better than you found them. It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture or an elaborate event, sometimes a smile or wave can make a world of a difference. 

The Hawthorne teams strive to Live The Difference and show neighborly love to people within our offices, on our properties and those in our local communities. This week, think outside the box and see people as neighbors, even when they don’t live next door, and find ways to Live The Difference by showing neighborly love to them. 

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