Heart of Hawthorne – Jamie Morgan

  |     |   2020

The Heart of Hawthorne is all about exploring the unique talents and passions of our associates outside of the workplace. I’ve been so privileged to document these stories over the last two years, from artists, to farmers, to weightlifters, our Hawthorne team is talented both in the workplace and beyond. After hearing just a few of the stories, it was immediately clear to me that Hawthorne is truly blessed with so many amazing people! One of those people is Jamie Morgan in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jamie is the Resident Services Supervisor at Hawthorne at the Summit, a brand new property in the area. He is a team player with a positive attitude and works hard to support the team at Hawthorne at the Summit, however outside of his role with HRP, he has some pretty unique talents as well!

I discovered that Jamie has a passion for mechanics, and if you ask him how long he has loved working with cars, his answer is simply “my whole life.” Over the past few years, Jamie has built some interesting vehicles, including a pretty cool “Rat Rod” that was built from a bus! He’s taken home several 1st place awards for his cars at various custom auto shows throughout the Southeast.


When asked what mechanics has taught him throughout life, his answer is a message of patience and planning. “I’ve learned a lot about patience and how sometimes you must walk away from something to see it again with fresh eyes. I’ve run into problems before that I had to step away and really think them through before I started working again. It has also taught me how to work with what you’ve got. Sometimes I need parts that just don’t exist so I have to come up with a plan and make something that will work.”

It was so inspiring to see his face light up as he told his story, Jamie is definitely the Heart of Hawthorne!

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