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#HRPSummerStyle Wrap Up

As evenings begin to have a hint of the crisp fall season, and leaves begin to change, we are sad to see the summer season wind down. However, that did not stop HRP from soaking in just last few rays of summer sun! This summer HRP released our first seasonal hashtag #HRPSummerStyle, and all summer…

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Keep the Stories Coming!

Did you know one of the first general consumer online review sites to exist was Epinions created in 1999?* Eighteen years later, who would have thought that this would set in motion the evolution of online reviews that we see today? By now, we all understand that online reviews play an essential role across all…

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Heart of Hawthorne Update: Zina Swisher

This year, Hawthorne was excited to launch “The Heart of Hawthorne”, a program designed to highlight our multi-talented team members and their unique passions. The program began with our very own Zina Swisher, a talented Leasing Consultant and Olympic Weightlifter who was on her way to competing in the 2017 United States National Weightlifting Championship.…

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Smoke In The Air

You walk into a beautiful vacant apartment and something immediately hits you. An inescapable aroma of the past. A scent that doesn't seem to want to leave. You smell smoke. Cigarette smoke to be exact. This is something we have always had to deal with in the apartment industry. Smoke can leave behind odors, stained walls…

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HRP Does Summer In Style!

Picture this: you are basking in the sun, poolside, waiting for a coveted breeze to blow by. The heat of the day beats down as you close your eyes and listen to the beat of summer sounds. The community around you is actively buzzing: neighbors laughing, pool splashes, burgers sizzling on the grill. You take…

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Au Revoir, Gopher

If you watched The Masters in April, you know there’s no shortage of drama and suspense in the game of golf after Sergio Garcia upset Justin Rose in stunning style to win the major tournament.  So, maybe you’re not Sergio Garcia, but you are looking to improve your golf game.  Your options are to either…

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Defying Gravity! 2017 Leadership Conference

Hawthorne’s Annual Leadership Conference was held in February and, for a change of pace, we decided to hold festivities in Chattanooga, TN!  It was three days filled with stellar education and professional development as well as lots of time catching up with old friends while making new connections. The theme of this year’s conference was…

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2016 Elite 1% ORA Award Winners

We are so proud of our communities who have earned recognition in the Elite 1% J Turner Research ORA Rankings. These communities are proudly representing Hawthorne's LIVE IT culture every day!